Pay attention to materials storage during the installation of Prefabricated houses
Release time:2022.6.17      Browse:2692

Many friends don't know the points needing attention in the installation of prefabricated houses. Let's have a look.


1.Indoor storage: If the site conditions permit and there are not many building materials, the thermal insulation materials can be stored indoors. In order to prevent the increase of air humidity caused by rainy weather from affecting the data, the indoor windows shall be covered to prevent rain. The materials shall be stacked 30cm above the ground and covered with a rain cloth to prevent the stored materials from being leaked by the accumulated water upstairs, in case cause hardening of water resistant materials such as thermal insulation materials and rust of steel materials.

2.For outdoor storage, materials shall be stored in a place with high terrain. The surrounding drainage shall be smooth, and it is not easy to accumulate water. It shall be more than 30cm higher than the ground. Before stacking, a layer of poncho shall be paved on the material platform to prevent moisture. After stacking, cover it with a complete poncho, tie it with rope, and press it around with heavy objects. Pay attention to climate change. Open the poncho to dry in sunny days to prevent transpiration of the poncho, and prevent water droplets generated by water vapor from falling on the inorganic active thermal insulation materials to form hardening and steel materials rust.

3. Pay attention to the angle of the house. The prefabricated house should comply with the site planning, be unified with the surrounding buildings, pay attention to the geomantic angle, avoid the junction between the road closure and the T-shaped road, and do not occupy the roads and green areas, which will have some adverse effects.